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Do you need to remove some or all of your property? A Frisco residential demolition will achieve your goals, whether the home is uninhabitable or needs to be torn down to avoid costly citations. Demolition is more than just knocking down a property, however. The land clearing contractors in Frisco TX you hire must work safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Putting Safety and Health First

Before any type of residential demolition in Frisco TX is started, the property must be inspected for hazards. While this is more likely to be a problem in a commercial or industrial setting, it cannot be ruled out.

At Alford Services, our team of demolition contractors in Frisco TX will have the property inspected for hazards. We put safety first.

Why Choose Our Frisco Land Clearing Contractors

Alford Services is a well-established, locally owned and operated demolition company that provides services to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Everything we do is with the customer in mind. Whether it’s our demolition contractors in Frisco TX arriving on time, properly inspecting all equipment or hauling away debris, we are always thinking of how to make this process seamless for our customers.

Here are a few reasons for choosing our Frisco demolition contractors.

  • Friendly, professional contractors
  • Fully licensed, and insured
  • All equipment maintained regularly
  • Wide selection of trucks, vehicles and equipment
  • Free estimates and fast turnaround times

Call Alford Services for your free quote on what a Frisco residential demolition will cost. We’re happy to answer your questions and suggest the best method of demolition for your property.

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