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Are you planning a Pottsboro residential demolition? If your home or barn needs to be torn down, Alford Services will assist with your project and exceed your highest expectations.

Our family owned company provides efficient, reasonably priced and environmentally responsible demolition services. If you would like to learn more about getting started with our demolition contractors in Pottsboro TX, call us today for a free quote!

What Steps are Needed for a Residential Demolition in Pottsboro TX

We approach each demolition project with a pair of fresh eyes. Here are the steps that our Pottsboro land clearing contractors follow to ensure a safe, efficient process.

  • The purpose of the inspection is to gain a better understanding for the work involved as well as the potential for hazards. In most states, it’s required that an environmental inspection is done before getting a permit for Pottsboro residential demolition.
  • All utilities – gas, water, electric – must be addressed before we can demolish the home. Homeowner/property owners responsibility
  • Homeowner/property owners responsibility
  • With innovative equipment, vehicles and trucks, our demolition contractors in Pottsboro TX are always ready for jobs big and small. We maintain our fleet and trust their ability to be durable and reliable.
  • Before leaving, our Pottsboro demolition contractors will clean up your site.

If you need to hire a team of contractors to handle your Pottsboro residential demolition job, call Alford Services! We have great service and great prices for all size jobs!

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