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At Alford Services, our work is always fun! We specialize in Prosper residential demolition services, and we’re happy to provide you with the demolition work you need. Our company was established in 1996 and continues to be family owned and operated. We may be a small company but we have big ideas and can complete big jobs! The only time our customers remember that we’re a small company is when receiving highly personalized service from our demolition contractors in Prosper TX.

What is Residential Demolition?

When you remove part or all of a home, it’s called a residential demolition. There are many reasons why a residential demolition in Prosper TX might be done, such as:

  • Swimming pool removal
  • Dilapidated building
  • Barn removal
  • Landscaping renovation
  • Removal of a structure

Why Might Prosper Demolition Contractors be Hired?

Sometimes, homeowners choose to do something new to their home and require the assistance of demolition contractors in Prosper TX. Taking out a swimming pool that is no longer needed would be an example of a residential demolition job. In other cases, the homeowner has no choice. If a property is damaged in a storm or house fire, a Prosper residential demolition is needed.

No matter what size or type of job you have, our Prosper land clearing contractors have the trucks and equipment to get things done. We have a full fleet of trucks that we own and maintain regularly. This helps us avoid unexpected breakdowns and means we always have vehicles like excavators, cranes and lifts available.

Alford Services looks forward to being your partner for your next demolition project. Give our land clearing contractors in Prosper TX a call and we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote. If you want to move forward, we can start almost immediately. We have experience working with glass, landscaping waste, wood, stone, brick and more.

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